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Our company produces engraved glass statuettes, engraved medals, cups and trophys, anniversary awards, greetings, advertisement gadgets, paperweights, oil lamps, glass coated memory sticks, clocks, business card holders and much more. We have been in business for over 27 years, that’s the best guarantee of reliability and integrity. Cooperation with us is pure pleasure.

We are open to collaborate with Advertising Agencies, event’s suppliers, councils, corporations, consortium’s, sport’s clubs, associations and individual customers.

A little something to be proud of
In our offer we also have miniature vehicle models. We would also like to introduce some custom made statuettes made by our company “Decor”


Our company owns well equipped manufacturing facilities as well as experience with manual glass modelling.The results of this work are precisely copied, hand crafted glass models of vehicles such as: cars, helicopters, tanks, trains, locomotives, freight wagon, trams, buses, fire trucks, concrete mixers, forklifts and garbage trucks.

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Depending on individual needs we can complete the order based on existing product, or create a completely new design. Thanks to the largest production capacities on the market we can complete even the most complicated orders at the highest quality and precision. We complete standing orders as well as one off orders. Many years of experience, great knowledge and full engagement makes us the best business partner.

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To contact us, please use our blank contact form, and send it to us on email address: decor@decor.net.pl . Please attach the following information: selected design for your product, expectations of the matter, what occasion is it for etc. Please don’t forget to give us an estimated quantity you would like to order, date of your event (when you need it for?) and if there is any specific graphic theme you would like us to use, please attach it in your email.
Including a budget will help us to prepare a wide range of customised offers. Providing information about your budget will help to prevent us offering you products out of your desired price range.


We will Design it for you


We will design your item based on information you send us, after we agree on all details we will start to prepare your order using our very best manufacturing facilities. The designing process usually takes many consultations, modifications and adjustments. Photographic visualization is the last stage of the design process and is usually done (if we have enough time for it) after the final agreement of graphic design. For orders with lower value, photographic visualization is charged separately and depends on how complicated your design would be and it cost between 20-100 PLN +VAT

If our time and your budget allows us we would prepare payable prototype of statuette or any other item, however in most of the cases photographic visualization is enough, plus it’s the cheapest and quickest way.


We will manufacture it for you


Before we would start a production process, customized personalized designs needs to be finally approved. Production starts after approval in writing, this way both sides can be sure everything will be done as planned. Sometimes production needs to start before you know the names of the winners, that’s why we need all names of potential winners at least five days before despatch of your order.

Order complete time is always agreed individually. Express order is only possible with earlier agreement of all details and it has an additional cost of 15% on top of your order. If you would like to complete your order in a time longer than a standard orders takes, you will be rewarded with up to 10% discount. We would like to thank our customers that do not leave their orders for last minute and reward them with discount .


We will deliver it for you


In DECOR headquarters we despatch national and international parcels and pallets every day. Kurierzy dostarczają przesyłki krajowe na ogół na następny dzień. Couriers usually deliver national parcels the next day. If you prefer you could collect your order in person at our headquarters. All items inside your parcel are carefully wrapped and secured. Insurance gives you a peace of mind that if something would get damaged our company will fix or replace any damaged items without any additional costs.


To qualify for refund or replacement you need to complete damage protocol in the presence of the courier, along with the pictures of damaged items and packaging and send it to us. The pictures of packaging and description is very important in damage protocol.


Our products:


Glass awards, crystal Awards, trophy, sports trophies, medal, gold medal, trophies cups, cups awards, fused glass, cricket trophy, dance trophies, champions trophy, rugby trophies, golf trophies, football trophies,  glass pictures, diploma,  certificate, sculpture, glass sculpture, metal sculpture, modern sculpture, art glass


We have made awards for ie:


Good, because POLISH!

The products we have created over the last 27 years have been delivered all around the world. The growing interest of statuettes made in Poland and our wider group of customers is our motivation. We do not rest on our laurels! Customers satisfaction is our number one priority, that’s why we pay extra attention to all enquiries and expectations.

Through the 27 years of our work we have made uncountable numbers of products. We served over 20,000 companies, institutions and individual customers. Spora ich część współpracuje z nami nieprzerwanie od bardzo wielu lat ceniąc nasz profesjonalizm, terminowość i innowacyjne pomysły. Join our satisfied customers, who come back to us with new challenges.

We achieve the highest quality of products, designs and customer service by self improvement of all staff and hard work as the result of passion and engagement.

We are here for you.