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If you give us as many details as possible in the form it will shorten the time of reply. You will also get the best answer for your query. If you are not quite sure about what you want your item to look like, have a look in our wide range of products. We could base your order on one of many existing items and adjust it to your needs, making it suitable for your individual preference.

Why it’s so important
to give us an exact quantity?

Providing an exact quantity will help us to choose the right discount for your order. The more you order, the less you will pay for each item. If you can’t give us an exact quantity, give us an estimated quantity ie: 30-50 pcs.Than we will prepare two quotes for 30 and 50pcs.

Why we ask about packaging?

How important is
colour mapping to you?

If colour mapping is very important to you, than all colours need to be defined by the CMYK or Pantone colour model. If colours are not defined by a colour model, we will try to copy the colour we’ve been sent the best we can as they are seen on the screen.

Why we ask about deadline?

It’s very important for your order to get to the destination at the right time. The medals handed in three days after ceremony won’t make anyone happy. If we want to design, offer you the best possible technologies or offer you existing design, we need to know if we can make it in the time line that suits you.

Why we ask about budget?

Because we know the budget is not made out of rubber and it won’t stretch. We are happy to help you to choose the best design. We focus on quality, that’s why we can give you alternative options that suit your needs and your budget without missing any quality.